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Mobile app to help you to be a better mum

Layette is a free mobile app that is the safest, easiest to use, and most reliable source of knowledge for growing families. Leading Finnish healthcare professionals have helped us to develop this award-winning maternity app.


By using Layette, you will get daily information about your pregnancy. From the first kicks to the toddler's first steps. All the way to the age of three. Layette will walk you through this incredible journey.

Sini Havukainen is a CEO and co-founder at Layette, a startup that exports world’s best maternity knowledge of Finland to the rest of the world. Year after year Finland has been chosen to be the best country to be a mom, and the data continuously shows the lowest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world.
Sini, a professional midwife and nurse, realized the value of this national treasure of her home country after spending couple of years in Silicon Valley, California, with her husband and children. She got an idea of developing the Layette app to help mothers and families globally to access maternity information that is accurate, proven and can save lives.
Thanks to Sini’s vision, energy and leadership Layette has won in Finland nearly all possible awards that a healthcare startup can dream of. Sini is a frequent speaker in events about entrepreneurship, courage, and aiming high. She enjoys helping startups by coaching and as a board member.
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Meet the team

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Sini Havukainen

Co-Founder, CEO, Midwife


Timofey Kuzmin

Software Developer

Juho 5 2019.jpg

Juho Aronen

Co-Founder, CDO


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Sini Havukainen

+358 40 9606650

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